About It

The Idea

Abandon economic systems.

Think about it.

You've probably never before heard of, nor come up with, this idea. It's fair to say that, given the busyness of our daily lives, it's not often we get the opportunity to do any grand philosophising—if we are inclined to do so at all.

But we should.

Pick up a paper, tune into a radio or TV news broadcast or simply listen to a nearby conversation and what you are bound to hear, sooner or later, is bad news. A disaster here, a war there, disease, poverty; worry and unhapiness. What a sorry state the world is in. But it doesn't have to be like this, because nature has provided us with two great gifts: intelligence and freewill. We can change things. But the change we need requires a realisation and courage. A realisation of the need to abandon what creates, and hinders the solving of, our problems: economic systems, and the courage to do it.

Various types of economic system are in operation, or have been. None of them are fair. Capitalism, for example, allocates resources fundamentally according to the individual's genetics, set at the point of conception, unchosen, unalterable and unique, which describe the individual's abilities—the talents the individual just so happened to be born with.

With such problems as the increasing disparity between rich and poor, ever accelerating, and artificial intelligence predicted to present a decreasing availability of gainful unemployment, the need for change is urgent.

Abandon the economic system and everything is free. Progress in all fields of human endeavour and at breakneck speed, including the seeking and exploitation of resources beyond our planet. Feed the world? Sure! Utopia? Here we come!

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